Evolve Your Business

Is innovation integral to your company’s growth strategy? Then look to us for a partnership that gives you a smarter, faster, resilient, and lean business.

Smart collaboration

Tackle extraordinary business challenges with your own dedicated IT A-Team.

Team Extensions

Bundled perfection

Have your IT projects designed, developed, deployed, and supported by expert engineers.

Project Outsourcing

You think it. Together we do it.

Go from idea to reality to success. Team up with Synergy to develop or invest in new products.

Innovation Incubator

The power of partnership

Why Team Extensions

In a globalized economy, working with high-performing, collaborative distributed teams is a way for companies to reach strategic, IT-related business goals at an affordable price.

  • Drive innovation and create IT-based competitive advantages
  • Execute projects of a size and complexity you couldn’t afford otherwise
  • Change the mix of skills and expertise in your organization
  • Reduce your IT development costs and speed up time to market
  • Scale your IT services rapidly—up or down as needed
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Why Synergy

You are who you associate with. At Synergy, we are vested in better business outcomes for you, so we build relationships for the long term.

  • We have the tools and processes you need to create business growth through offshoring
  • We work as colleagues with your IT team—not competitors
  • We use critical querying and problem solving skills as foundational tools
  • We break down cultural barriers with training and open dialogue
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Higher quality, lower cost

Why Project Outsourcing

If you have a discrete, well-defined project or an IT-related problem to solve or challenge to take on, we can help. We scope out your project for optimal technical and business results.

  • Gain a sustained competitive advantage
  • Capitalize on mobile, social, and cloud technology trends
  • Stretch your IT development budget without sacrificing quality
  • Focus on the core competencies of your business

Why Synergy

You get a superior cost-to-value ratio with us. Our engineers design, develop, maintain, and support your project. What’s more, they listen, evaluate, and communicate with you every step of the way.

  • We take the time to understand your market and industry
  • We build quality products with scalable architecture
  • We deliver on time and on budget, and support you post-delivery
  • We communicate frequently and clearly
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Turbo-boost your idea

Why Innovation Incubator

Too many great ideas die on the vine. Often, the problem is lack of funding or tech savvy or access to programmers. Don’t let those obstacles stand in your way—collaborate with us.

  • Create your dream product without loans or outside funding
  • Take an idea from hatchling to phoenix—we’ll help you get there
  • Tap into our development expertise and innovation engine
  • Consult with us on everything from details to market domination plans

Why Synergy

We help bring creative products, projects, and companies to life. Do you have a great idea? Fully hatched plan or terrific raw material, we want to hear about it.

  • We bring expertise, passion, and wide-ranging experience to the table
  • We know how to make products people want and run projects that succeed
  • We can provide market analysis, business model evaluation, user testing, etc.
  • We create win-win partnership agreements on a case-by-case basis
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